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A week from the construction holidays, we could not resist writing a holiday inspired article.

I think that we can all agree that nothing is more disappointing than being bothered with office issues while laying on a beach, cocktail in hand and beautiful views in sight. Give yourself a moment of deserved procrastination and activate google’s vacation responder.

How it works:

Starting the auto responder will automatically begin at 00:00 on the day of activation and will end at 23:59 on the end date of activation (for those who have pre-specified a date). If no date is specified, the task must be ended manually. The email response you have preset will be sent to those who have sent you an e-mail during your absence. Your response is sent only once per person unless they send you an e-mail four days after the first and your auto-responder is still active. In this case, the sender will receive another reminder email. Spam and newsletters will not receive your reply message.

setting link

setting link

Activate your Vacation Responder

1. Open the settings for your gmail by clicking on the gear in the top right of the interface, then click on settings

2. Remaining in the General tab, scroll to “Vacation Responder”

3. Select “Vacation responder on” and choose a start date (mandatory) and an end date (Optional)

4. Write your reply message without forgetting the subject

5. Save the changes by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Upon your return, to disable automatic answer, just check “Auto Answer Off”


vacation responder section

vacation responder section