While smartphones get bigger and more powerful, battery technology seems to be at a stand still. We could never get enough time out of our phones. Here are a couple of methods you could use to increase the amount of time you get out of your phone.

All Phones

-If you have applications installed which you don’t use, removing them could free up resources. Many applications have background processes that eat up memory or processor time, which decreases battery life slightly. Having a bundle of unused applications could decrease battery life more than you’d expect!

-Turn off location for applications that don’t really need to know your current location. For weather apps, choose to input your current location manually instead of having the GPS find it.

-Tweak your brightness! The bright screen on your smartphone is the biggest battery drain. When possible, decrease the brightness of your screen to get a little more time out of it.

-Disable any unused communication methods including Bluetooth and Wifi. If you’re in a zone without mobile connection, turn off your mobile antenna by setting the phone to airplane mode.

-Disable or reduce vibration feedback. The little motor that causes the vibration takes up extra power as well.

iPhone Specific

-Turn off Siri if you don’t use it. Siri has background processes that could cause extra battery drain. If you don’t use Siri, then turn it off in the settings.

-If you don’t use AirDrop to transfer music or files to Apple specific devices, turn it off in the settings panel.

Android Specific

-Turn off NFC (Near Field Communication) if it is not used. Note that this may be needed if you use any mobile phone payment system such as Google Pay.

-Turn off Google Now, similar to Siri, Google Now listens for voice commands at all times as well as your current location in order to display “Google Cards”. This eats up your battery!

-For more advanced users, flashing a custom ROM and Kernel usually could get you a few extra hours of standby out of your phone.

-For users with root access to their phones, using an application like “Better Battery Stats” could give you an idea of what applications and processes are currently using up your battery.

-Rooted users could also try installing an application called “Greenify”. Greenify hibernates applications of your choice, essentially making their background processes close when not in use. (Warning: Hibernating critical applications such as Google Messenger or Alarms will cause you to not receive messages or alarms)

*Note: These tips and tricks also apply to iPads and Android Tablets. Some of these tricks also apply to laptops!